B&C BARBEQUE... A Wichita Favorite Since 1996

WichitaInPerson Video Directory Every locale has their own hidden treasures. Wichita, Kansas is no different. Since 1996, Wichita has been home to one of the midwest's best barbeque secrets: B&C Barbeque. What started out as B&C Creations, a place where local art and freshly prepared, hand-seasoned barbeque were both sold in the same place has become one of the city's worst kept secrets for awesome lunchtime dining. But, then again, word travels fast when you offer an amazing meal for a reasonable price. Especially in today's overpriced fast food market. B&C Barbeque is a great place to relax outside of the office, too, with our laid back approach and buffet line style. That's right. A barbeque buffet. The dream of every single person who' worked up an appetite from a rough day at work, or just those who want to impress clients with something more than just pretty dining utensils and overpriced drinks. After all, if YOU like a full stomach, chances are every single other person does, too.

And you DO like a full stomach. So... line up and MEAT YOUR MATCH.

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